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I had 2 sessions with Complex Massage/Bodywork while I was in Pittsburgh. Hedy worked on a past shoulder injury. She got the muscles to relax and provided me with more ROM for my next workout. Hedy also did some trigger-Point, deep work, MFR and stretching on the hamstrings, gluts and low back. Traveling causes my low back to get tight. Though it was a deep tissue massage on target areas, she was able to try to even things out. Also did neck and upper trap work which was great. Thanks for the great work! Jay Cutler 4x Mr. Olympia.       

“Hedy was a delight and the company of the National Tour of Mary Poppins was thrilled to spend time with her. She has a wise and intuitive touch and a strong hand that got our dancers into Practically Perfect shape!” The National Tour of Mary Poppins had two days of treatment/massage with Complex Massage/Bodywork while in Pittsburgh.

 Thank you for my massage (Hedy), it was wonderful. I will be back!!!! Lu Anne,Pgh ,Pa

Had a Facial Glow and foot treatment ...what a wonderful and relaxing treat. My face feels so moisturized and my feet are so soft. Looks like I will become a regular Hedy. Thanks again......It was a wonderful experience. Lori Garnes,Pgh,Pa
I have received a Therapeutic massage on several occasions. Each time the results and feeling afterward were incredible. The pain was noticeably lessened, if not erased, and I left knowing I had made the right decision with my health. I would highly recommend Complex Massage for the service offered, affordable prices, and outstanding patient care. Bill Albrecht, Pgh, Pa

Really enjoyed my massage with Hedy. It was very relaxing and she really worked my sore muscles. It was a great experience. I can't wait to treat myself for another. Thanks again Hedy!! Lori Garnes,Pgh,Pa
I been going to Hedy for massage since 2000, she does a very great job at knowing how to relax me and my muscles. Makes me feel great after a session and feels like i melt into the table. I Feel relaxed and energized afterwards... Richard Mandella,Pgh,Pa

I treated myself to a spa salt glow and a hot mud detox treatment. It was wonderful!!! Not only is Hedy's spa like a haven of relaxation, but she is friendly and personable. After my rejuvenating salt and mud scrub I showered off and felt like a new person...feeling fresh, silky-soft & hydrated skin,... decreased water retention/bloating, and just a new spring in my step. I would definitely recommend having this treatment after a long winter to cleanse and refresh your body. Feels so awesome during, and long-term after effects. :) Thanks Hedy! Erica Campbell,Grove City,Pa

Hedy is a compassionate and talented massage therapist. Her therapeutic touch is so extraordinary that I have asked her to also regularly see my 84-year-old Mom who lives in a Nursing Home. Rebecca W.,Pgh,Pa

I have used many massage therapists before but Hedy is definitley the best! If you want to pamper yourself a little, go see Hedy. You will be glad you did! I will warn you though, once you get her massage, you will never want to go to anyone else. Be prepared to be spoiled! Sharon Pranis,Pgh,Pa

I just want to say that if it were not for my facial/foot treatment I got the day before my wedding, I would NOT have been as relaxed as I was. are such a special person and I thank God for you. Keep up the good work and I'll see you soon.... My dark circles are hardly noticeable, my skin is smooth as a baby's feet feel rejuvinated....what more could i ask for...Girls!!! Trust me............treat yourself, you are SO worth it!...Donna Ruby,Pgh,Pa

You have a great business. What a wonderful way to make people feel good! Congratulations! Adele Lynn,Pgh,Pa

Hedy did a great job! I have a lot of pain in my neck. She worked on it for an hour and when I left I felt a 100% better then when I got there. It was so relaxing and I love the heated table! Thanks again Hedy I will be back to see you again soon! Erika K Washington,Pgh,Pa

Hedy was a major contributing factor in keeping me healthy after my double lung transplant. Donna A, Oakmont,Pa

Hedy's Therapeutic massages are very relaxing. Her salt scrubs leave your skin feeling soft and silky, I recommend it for both men and women, do your body a favor and let Hedy do her magic, you won't be dissapointed! She is very nice and fun to talk to as well. Pete Ediss, Pgh,Pa

I had been having lower back pain for about a week before I came to Hedy. After an hour of massage, my lower back pain was gone! Hedy made me feel very relaxed and comfortable during the massage. It was a fabulous experience! Maria Taylor,Pgh,Pa

I've been battling fibromyalgia for over 10 years. I have tried a lot of things just to lessen my pain. Every doctor I saw just wanted to give me pain pills. I finally decided to try massage therapy. I met Hedy & have been seeing her every other week for about 6 yrs. While my pain is not gone, I can get relief in order to just do my day to day activities. When I have flare ups or pull a muscle, Hedy is always willing and able to accommodate me in her schedule. She is truly concerned and insightful about figuring out what the cause of pain is in order to alleviate the problem. She is also a wonderful source for natural remedies & vitamins to put the whole body & mind into proper balance. I have and will continue to refer my family and friends to Hedy so they too can experience total relaxation of the mind and body! Barb, Pgh,Pa
I've experienced many massage therapists and Hedy is one of the best. I recommend her highly. Susan Stitt, Pgh, Pa

I first met Hedy 10 years ago. A friend gave me a gift certificate and I had just gone through a year of chemo. Hedy came to my home. She worked the toxins out of my body week by week. Through the years she has helped me through many injuries and some just relaxing massages. She has done post surgery massage on me, treats my fibromyalsia and arthritis so well that I quit going to the chiropractor 5 years ago. With her wealth of information, plus added benefit of being a previous massage therapist teacher at a local college.....I feel I have the BEST therapist in the city. She is able to assess my problems and adjust my treatments each session. If you have pain, try her. If you have no pain, try her. Either way you won't regret.
A very satisfied client,
Linda Albrecht

It was wonderful! Ashlee did a great job. Linda, New Kensington

I had a great massage (Ashlee) !! Thank you! Emily
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