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Massage Treatment Details

Swedish Massage

This massage is used for stress reduction, relaxation, and for clients who are new to massage therapy. The Swedish techniques use long gliding strokes, light kneading, and friction (to name a few) for deep relaxation. Light Stretching can also be used in this session.

Therapeutic Massage

This massage is one of the most popular and combines medium to light Swedish strokes, Myofascial release, trigger-point, deep tissue on target areas, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF), and mini reflexology. Stretching can also be used in this session.

Deep Tissue

This massage is used for tense/painful areas. One may try this if they have tried other massage services with no relief. Deep muscle easing techniques are applied deeper to relieve muscle tension. This is done within the client's pain tolerance. Stretching is applied where needed.

Hot Stone

This session combines both Swedish massage and hot stones to the body. The placement of hot stones helps to ease tense muscles. Stretching can also be used in this session.

Geriatric Massage

This is a great way to help loved ones in the nursing facilities, home or seniors who can come into the office. Touch therapy is so desperately needed for them. Massage includes range of motion, stretching, moist heat, and increased circulation. The benefits for geriatric and senior massage have found and been proven to help on functional and cognitive levels. In the hands of a skilled Therapist the benefits are truly amazing.

Sports Massage Pre/Post Event

This session is great for the athlete or weekend warrior. Massage can be done previous to the event or after depending on the needs of the athlete. These sessions should be limited to 35-40 minutes. Depending on when event is.

80 minute session

This session is normally a Swedish or Therapeutic massage for the 80 minutes. Great for those who need more than an hour or who just can't get enough of massage therapy. For total relaxation.

Chair Massage

This is a massage performed in a massage chair. Good for events, office parties, or appreciation days.

45 minute massage with Reflexology

This session is great for people who are short on time or want to come twice a month . This is a Therapeutic massage with reflexology. This massage session is great for Fibromyalgia Clients.


Therapist works the feet decongesting different reflex points correlating to the body. This session will relieve tension and stress. You will feel balanced and energized. As with any massage, reflexology releases toxins. Drink plenty of water after sessions.

Pregnancy Massage

This massage is a great way to help during trimesters and after birth. Each trimester involves different massage techniques. The therapist will work with you throughout your sessions. Prego table may be used if available or side-lying massage.

Pet Massage

Let's not forget our little animals. They get tense and need healing touch as well. Massage therapist will combine pet massage strokes to help active dogs, injuries, arthritis and just because we love them. Session is a minimum of 25min. Owners are present for pet massage instruction.

Paraffin Wax / Hand or foot Massage

This treatment can be added to a massage or any service. Great for people who want to keep their hands looking young, soft and supple. Can also be done on the feet. Have services done together or separate. Apt. ahead of time needed to heat paraffin.

Ear Candling

Is used to improve hearing, detoxify sinus cavities and decrease ear pain. Ear candling is great for swimmers or people who have the seasonal ear problems due to allergies. 100% beeswax candle is placed in the opening of the ear and the other end is lit. This causes a vacuum like suction that cleanses the ear canal of wax and debris. If needed sinus points can also be worked on the face. This is a very relaxing treatment.

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